The cost of consumption

“Barbara, listen you can’t buy this love, this affection. It seems like you are playing games with men and you even don’t do it professionally. Stop lying to people, stop lying to yourself. After working a decade in this business, you are still expecting to meet a husband? You even do not have friends except me because you always want to receive things but not give. Your lifestyle became so codependent. Since when do you have this devotion to money? Please call your parents and ask them how are they doing, do they need any help. Do something for someone! No more consumption and empty arrogance. Do you understand me?”

“I know, Angela. I am sorry…” She was crying on the other end of the wire.

“Don’t be sorry. It is life, our life. We all in the same boat. I will call you later on. Take care and please think what I said to you, OK?


“Oh my God, she went completely crazy,” thought Angela as she put the phone down.          “I hope I wasn’t too hard with her. This victim of her own delirious ideas and fantasies does not understand that. Being a paid woman she has a less chance to meet someone decent. I realized that myself many years ago. At least I see exactly what is going on and thankfully I handle these emotions differently. More than likely she will change this wrong attitude. I should give her a credit for that.  I passed this already. Nothing better than my true stories.


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