Only one thing

It was nice and warm day of the spring. Almost the middle of night. I went to a hotel’s bar in Downtown Miami. I always go to the bars of hotels if I am not familiar with the place.

No-one was there. Since it was South I ordered a margarita. After a few minutes a couple came.

There were a middle age man and a woman. They were well dressed and looked solid. However, the behavior of woman could be described as vuzuvayushe. 

She looked at me provocatively. The was silent.

What are you drinking? She asked suddenly.

Margarita I replied.

– What is your favorite Hollywood actress?

– I don’t have any on my mind.

– You even don’t like Jessica Lange?

– Only one thing I like in her. Her name and nothing else.

– Really. Why so?

– It is what it is.

– Maybe you’re just jealous for her?

– Not.

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